Dispatched Members & Reports

FY2012Young Researchers

(As of January , 2013 )

Research Theme:Ring-Opening Hydrogenation Catalyzed by Frustrated Lewis Pairs

Assistant Professor Shin-ichi Matsuoka
sent to University of Toronto / Canada
term 6.11.2012 – 11.1.2012
report Returnee's Report


Research Theme:Automatic phonetic component weight optimization for sign language recognition

Assistant Professor Sako Shinji
sent to Technical University Munich / Germany
term 6.25.2012 – 1.1.2013
report Returnee's Report
Mid-Term Report


Research Theme:Analysis on micro-structure of hardened cementitious material

Assistant professor Ryo Yoshida
sent to École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne / Switzerland
term 9.13.2013 – 12.31.2013
report Returnee's Report


Research Theme:Development of upper limb rehabilitation system for stroke patients.

Assistant Professor Noritaka Sato
sent to Tsinghua University / China
term 8.20.2012 – 11.19.2012
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